Hey the purpose of this build was to build a basic system for my grandson the add on parts came later. Once I completed my task I had others asking me what parts I used and how long did it take to complete. The only thing new are the parts listed and some I got at a cheap price this year (ALL NEW NO OPEN BOX OR RETURN) 1. AMD A10-7870K Processor-----------------$115.00 2. MSI A88X-G45 Gaming FM2+---------------$90.00 3.LEPA AQUA Changer 120 Cooling unit---$60.00 4.NZXT H440 Case-------------------------------$80.00

The memory & power supply I had in my spare computer parts box Patriot Viper III DDR3 16gb 1866MHz------under $80.00 2013 back in the day Corsair Professional Series 860-Watt ATX/EPS Modular 80 PLUS Platinum Power Supply AX860 (From CL for $80.00) in 2013 For a total of $505.00 (NOT BAD When you shop around and take your time) Now you try to locate the pricing for the parts for 2015 and see what you come up with and that's just the basic build without the add on. This pc still was able to run the top games the list I add to this to help other price match or what to look for when trying to build a cheap systrm

More Add on Parts 2-crosair 140SP fans red/black---------------------------------------------$28.00 for both fans 1-Shark 140 fan-red/black----------------------------------------------------$13.00 2-Radeon R9 270XOC Graphics cards------------------------------------$220.00 for both Cards 1-Asus PCE-AC68----------------------------------------------------------------$82.00 1- R7 Radeon 240 SSD hard drive with windows 10 pro (OS)--------$90.00 1-WD Black 2TB Gaming Drive----------------------------------------------$40.00 4--------------------------------------------------RED LED LIGHTS-------------$60.00 1---------------------------------------------RED CAN OF SPRAY PAINT-------$6.00 This is the true build price I paid the price listing on this site shows a lot more if you buy the parts at once. Again sorry for the delay on the build info.