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jdavid.net's Completed Build: AMD Threadripper 2 2950x - 2x SLI 2080 TI FE - Fractal Design Define C SFF Mid ATX ( Fall 2018 )

Oberdan 2 points 3 months ago

Just a heads up. I love your build, well done! Do your homework on Enermax and Google 'Enermax Corrosion' as a start. I recently visited a good friend of mine who said his Liqtech II installed with nice low temps, but they started climbing up to 60c+ after a bit of use. We pulled and drained it, confirming what others have been saying. The amount of gunk that came out was horrific. The fluid that came out was 'chunky' with a gelatin-like dirty substance. While his didn't leak, as others have reported, the factory fluid wasn't good at all.

After cleaning, replacing the fluid and resealing the loop, it worked great again. His Threadripper 2950x is back down to mid-30s and no higher than 47c under full load. (We use a rendering program called Reality 4.3 which does use all the cores at max speed) We decided to do it that way rather than RMA it to save time and to see if what was repoerted by others to be true. In our case, it was. Sure, we killed the warranty doing it that way, but we're a couple of DIY nuts to begin with.

I know there are others out there with Liqtech I and II that don't have issues, but it's a hit and miss thing. As for my own home builds, I'm a fan of the Fractal Design S36. It comes with an adapter to fit the TR4, but I've never had any problems with it, and for the specs, it cools better than the design implies.

Good luck, and once again, sweet build!

Forum Topic "New Custom PC won't stay on"

Oberdan 3 points 5 months ago

Pull all cards including video. Pull the RAM. Unplug the SSD and anything else connected to the board. All you want is the PSU, fans, CPU and CPU cooler.

Turn the system on.

If the system repeats the issue in this state, replace the water cooler first and retry. I've seen processors and motherboards get replaced just to have it being a malfunctioning water cooler. If the error still repeats, it's either the CPU or the MB, and you can go with the least expensive piece of hardware first to replace so you can narrow it down.

Now if the system boots and give the no RAM code, power down, insert RAM, and power up. If it goes into the loop, it's the RAM.

If it gives the no Video code after the RAM is accepted, insert the video card. If it goes into the loop, it's the video card.

If it boots to bios and says no boot disk, power down, put the SDD back on, power up. If it goes into the loop, it's the SDD.

I think you get the idea at this point. Narrowing down hardware failure can be nerve racking, but the process is effective.

Good luck. I know how much it can suck to have a hard to find problem.

Forum Topic "Electric or gas car - which over all has more pollutants"

Oberdan 1 point 5 months ago

I don't care if other people think I am wrong. Climate change is avoidable? What planet do you live on? That's not rhetorical. If you live on Earth like the rest of us, the climate changes 4 times per year. We call it Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Do you dispute that isn't climate change? If you do, your preconceptions over the facts do not align. The degree of climate change is what bothers people, and the underlying pollution we are doing to the planet. Each and every time you suck in air and breath out carbon dioxide, you're polluting the atmosphere. So are you going to stop breathing because it's a human issue? Goodness I hope not, but your attitude on the subject is rather hostile.

I do not have a main argument. I am not arguing. There is what people believe, and then there is the truth. You don't understand that the truth has no agenda. It either is, or isn't. Nobody here was around 7,000 years ago when the last ice age came to a sudden halt, and the Earth has geological records that say the planet got a massive warming spell. So, how do you think that happened? Maybe every creature on the planet all farted at the same time? Maybe it was something else? Come on, tell me what you think happened when the last major climate change fell upon this world.

Look, speculate, fantasize, imagine, guess or whatever, I don't really care. There have been five major extinction level events. Scientists are pretty positive we're at the beginning of another one. Google it. Humans will not be here forever. In my humble opinion, because of knee-jerk radicals such as yourself, I'm kind of happy about that.

Forum Topic "I'm having some trouble."

Oberdan 2 points 5 months ago

As always, a large part of any decision is based on your budget. You will need to balance what you need the computer for with what you can pay for. Setting up four low cost 2TB Hdd in a raid 0 configuration may be more cost effective than a single hdd at 6tb, and with the four 2TB, you end up with 8tb of storage, which exceeds your storage goal. The biggest boon of all is the increase across the board with data access and transfer.

That is of course, just a suggestion. You will need to sit down with a calculator and fine tune the costs for what you can do technically. That is the hard part, imo.

Good luck with your build!

Forum Topic "HDD Lifespan"

Oberdan 1 point 5 months ago

I've personally witnessed an old 486 with a 250MB hdd that still functioned with windows 3.11 on it. This was a few months back. If you're concerned about lifespan, I always take the mean time to failure as a standard, divide it by 2, and replace the drive at the end of that length of time. As always, backing up, as other's suggested, is crucial.

To note... while I was marveling at the old 486, you can imagine the waves of horrific chills that went up and down my spine as their 8 year old kid came prancing into the room, a cup almost filled to the top with juice, being wobbly/set down on the 486 chassis (table-top design) right close to the circulation slots near the rear for the psu.

I couldn't look. I excused myself and went home with visions of sparks, smoke and the demise of an old machine that survived everything... until possibly now.... /shiver

Forum Topic "Electric or gas car - which over all has more pollutants"

Oberdan 1 point 5 months ago

Never. I'm saying climate change is unavoidable. Like the rock that reset the dinosaurs. Another one is coming, we won't see it until it's too late, then all of this will be the problem of the next intelligent species of the planet, whoever they may be.

I'm often misunderstood, not for what I say, but for what I don't assume in the mental theater of other human beings. Which is why I answered you. You asked a straight-forward question for clarification, and I was happy to provide it.


Forum Topic "Electric or gas car - which over all has more pollutants"

Oberdan -2 points 5 months ago

It's about distance. Seriously. Consider these facts... European nations are much smaller than the United States from one side to the other. The average full charge is designed to go 300 miles, give or take 20 to 40 either way, which is the same for a full tank of gasoline. Gasoline emits carbon dioxide. Electric cars don't emit, but when the Lithium Ion batteries go bad, that is a huge pile of very toxic chemicals.

Say people commute an average of 7 to 10 miles in the EU for a job. In the USA, that can triple for most, if not more. In the USA, gasoline stations are currently far more numerous and take far less time to charge an electric car, if the drive takes more than a full load of fuel, be it gas or electricity.

But then, it's pretty pointless. In the last 650,000 years, there have been 7 glacial advances and melt-off. The last Ice Age came to an abrupt end 7,000 years ago. Guess what? There weren't any cars around to blame back then.

So it's going to happen if we like it or not. It's historically proven if you do the homework. No cars or industrialized humanity need apply.

The question should be... how do we wish to pollute? Fumes in the air or chemicals in the ground? Just for an FYI... plants breathe in Carbon Dioxide and fart oxygen. Who takes in Lithium Ion and farts out something that's beneficial?

Forum Topic "PC things that have more or less died."

Oberdan 1 point 5 months ago

Floppy Drives. They were cool. How cool? Well....


Yes, that dang cool! /nostalgia

Forum Topic "I think my power might be an issue. Any electricians or people with similar problems?"

Oberdan 1 point 5 months ago

Two things to help you narrow down the problem.

  1. Unplug your PC and wait for the power to bleed off the mother board. Re-seat the main power connector to the motherboard. Plug everything back in and see if that gives you a good boot.

  2. Get an inexpensive ground tester and volt meter for wall sockets. Test ALL sockets in your house. If one has a bad (flickering or dark) ground connection, it can affect the current to the entire house grid if there's a mini-surge from the power company. It can also cause arcing between cracked and exposed wiring where it runs in conduits to reach other parts of the home.

I've seen a microwave get turned on in a kitchen and it would over-amp the wiring to the bathroom because of an arcing issue. Two different circuits but the wiring ran through the same conduit behind the power box, and a touch of exposed wiring was causing the electricity to arc to the foreign circuit. That's why you should get a ground tester and a volt-meter, both not very expensive, and test your home. Microwave a potato that takes 5 to 6 minutes and then test the plugs your computer uses. If there is any arcing issues, you'll notice it then for sure.

If there are no issues found, then double check the voltage output of the power supply. Intermittent spiking can also be a problem for the mother board, which will try and protect itself by not powering up if it detects the occasional over voltage.

There can be a number of issues haunting the computer in your home. The only last option I see for you is to save up and get another power supply.

Good luck.

Forum Topic "1080 ti vs 2080"

Oberdan 1 point 5 months ago

Please visit this link, and after reading it, view the comments. It's all spot on.


In my own comments there, I feel they will be selling far more 1080 Ti's than the 2080. The performance differences do not justify the cost, imo as well as others.

Forum Topic "Not good."

Oberdan 1 point 5 months ago

Possible Suggestion

Depends on the HDD. The question is, is the HDD SATA? If the answer is yes, then you can buy a SATA to USB cable. I will not promise this will work, but the process doesn't involve the motherboard trying to recognize the drive through the MB controller. You plug into the HDD externally, then plug the other end into the external USB port. If the platter can spin up and the read arm is working, you should be able to access the files and pull them off that way. Maybe. No promises, but it's a shot.

Now to help you for the future. I save and use my data files in a dropbox folder. At Dropbox dot com you can sign up for the basic free plan and get 2GB of free storage space. The beauty of it, is that it saves locally on your computer, but also uploads the data to the company server. Your programs still get local file access, and every change is automatically uploaded in the background the moment it's saved. It's not google one drive, and do not expect it to be as such. Any email addy will work for your account, you don't need a gmail addy to use drop box. The client has a very small footprint and is non-intrusive.

Your drive crashes, get another one, all your important files will update on the new local drive and you're back in business. No pricey backup software required, no compression, just easy to use and update to get back to normal.

Good luck out there.

Forum Topic "2700x for high frame rate gaming?"

Oberdan 1 point 5 months ago

Also consider, if you go with the Ryzen 2700X that cooling is key to performance. A 360 Radiator water cooler will allow the internal performance boost to squeeze out a little more than if you used an air-cooling CPU heat sink. Remember, this is the only processor in the Ryzen line that uses Performance Boost 2 and XFR2, which will boost all 8 cores to the best possible clock cycles, instead of just the first two cores for the lower versions. It's a good deal and best bang for the buck, in my humble opinion.


PCPartPicker Blog Post "NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Benchmarks"

Oberdan 2 points 5 months ago

In my humble opinion, these benchmarks probably sold more 1080 Ti's than the newer RTX 2080 Ti's. I can fully understand the pricey sticker shock, but there is another aspect for an opportunity. Saving up the funds now for a possible price drop during Black Friday, and it's not that far off. If the prices do not come down far enough, and they Scrooge out on us for Christmas (Twice as long to save up the funds) and it's still too much, then a 1080 Ti will suffice. The money saved will keep me in Pizza mode for a nice long time.

Oberdan's Saved Part List: Dan's Build

Oberdan submitter 1 point 5 months ago

For less than two grand, this is going to be a beast of a system. First of all, I have nerve damage in my hands, so I needed the SDD drives to be large and easy to manipulate in and out of the drive cage, as compared to the less bulky M.2 capacity drives, which is exactly the same price as the Crucial SSD 1TB. I intend to set up the Crucial SSD in a RAID 0 configuration, so I'll not only get it seen as a 2TB single drive,the bus speed will also be significantly increased, as opposed to setting up the M.2 or SSD and adding a mechanical HDD for data storage.

Even though this build uses less than 500W of power, the Corsair 850 was selected for future additions, as in internal storage, etc.

Since this is going to run a serious set of 3D graphics programs, DAZ Studio and Reality 4.3 - I would have preferred a Threadripper based system, but I needed something that can handle the load for under two grand, as I'm not as wealthy as I would like to be. The Ryzen 7 2700X is such a processor, and I can squeeze the best clock cycles out of it with the water cooling system without resorting to overclocking the CPU manually. The reason I don't manually play with overclocking, and believe me, I could in a heart beat if my funds weren't so tight, is to keep the maximum life of the processor in consideration.

I got the Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste because I will not be using the standard already applied thermal patch that comes added to the water cooler plate. Why? In the past, each and every time I needed to change the processor, or replace the heat-sink for the processor, I have gotten stellar cooling improvements with Arctic Silver 5. I'm talking up to an extra 10C cooler or better on both idle and max load CPU usage. With the Ryzen 7 that also means it will overclock itself just a little bit more for performance. I like that. A lot.

Both of the 3D programs I mentioned earlier doesn't render images using the GPU so much as it does the CPU. The important stats for those programs is RAM for the video card to load the photo realistic textures, and the number of threads and amount of clock cycles of the processor for the speed of the task. The differences are night and day. On an older FX-6300 system, an image with Reality 4.3 takes 18 hours to complete, bogging down the system so it is unusable until the process is done. On an FX-8350 system with 8 cores, that time is reduced to 6 hours of render time, totally bogging down the processor and resources so it's unusable until the image is done rendering. Just before I designed this build, I witnessed the same program, using the same resource files, rendering the same image on a water cooled Ryzen 7 2700X do it in 45 minutes! Even better, the system wasn't bogged down and other programs could be used while the image was rendering at the same time! I was like... WOW... productivity will soar through the roof!

So this is why I made this build. I've already started buying parts as I can afford them, and with Parts Picker finding the best deals between the retailers as time goes buy, keeps this system build under two grand until I get it done, built and running. I can't wait to have it finished!