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Jan. 12, 2017, 2:34 a.m.

About Rexper

This is a rough guideline showing modern GPU sweet spots for different resolution in modern titles. The sweet spots may vary depending on the situation.

1080p @ 60hz = RX480, GTX 1060
1080p @ 144hz, 1440p @ 60hz = GTX 1070
1440p @ 120+Hz, 4K @ 60hz = GTX 1080

I recommend the g4560 kaby lake route over the i3 6100 Skylake route. The G4560 is only slightly less powerful than the i3 6100. The kaby lake is a bit cheaper (~$25 USD) when including the price of a b250 motherboard (to support for kaby lake) compared to an h110 motherboard + i3 6100.

You will also receive the extra benefits/features of a b250 motherboard as apposed to an H110. The kaby lake option does support for 2400mhz ram, unlike the Skylake option, which can make a small impact in games.

However this does depend on what you intend to be using the processor for. In some tasks where hyperthreading isn't supported, the i3 6100 may be the clear winner.


Just testing

Ryzen benchmarks:

Userbenchmark vs i7 7700k


Hardware Unboxed Text version here

Hardware Cununks

Bitwit 1800x

These reviews show the Ryzen chips performing very well in proffesional / workstation usage where the multiple cores are taken advantage of. However, the Ryzen CPUs are hammered by the i7 7700k and even lesser performing Intel CPUs whilst gaming. The Ryzen CPU performs worse in almost all games, however the minimum frame rate isn't too bad for it.

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High end HSFS

Noctua D15
Crorig R1
Dark Rock Pro 3
Scythe Mugen
Thermaltake nic c5
thermalright macho direct
thermalright macho rev.b
reeven okeanos
SilentiumPC Grandis XE1236

Cheapest, best way to use Windows 10 activated

  1. Have a Windows version in mind. If you aren't sure I recommend Windows 10 Home edition. Proffesional isn't necessary for general usage and gaming.

  2. Purchase the cheapest, legitimate product key of that windows type in mind. They can be found here, or on webstore.

  3. Download Installation Media Tool of the Windows selected version from here

  4. Follow steps beneath that Web page.

  5. When it asks "Enter product key", enter the key received from the package bought earlier.

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