I've been playing with computers since they were programmed with punch cards, lol. The first computer I owned was a Commodore 64. Cool machine at the time. Then an Amiga, a PC, etc, etc. I've build several over the years, for myself and others.

My latest build is the Deli Special Deli Special, a challenge to build a decent machine I could use for general purpose and basic gaming for as cheap as possible. I think it turned out pretty well overall.

I live in Florida and I've worked as a technician, engineer, DJ, guitarist, bassist, singer, photographer, etc. I've traveled a lot, mostly for work, and lived in Kansas, Texas, Massachusetts, California, Arizona, Panama, Germany, Korea, Bosnia, Croatia, and traveled to more places than I can remember, including Japan, France, Canada, Mexico, England, Wales and more, lol.

I love good Science Fiction, in print and on the screen. I've done some voice acting for video games and other projects.