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Feb. 17, 2016, 3:51 p.m.

About StickyStix

Hey, you!!! See my custom rig here!!!

About Me:

I live on the eastern coast of the US, and I loved technology ever since I was little. What I loved most were video games. They've stuck to me my whole life, and I play them everyday. I own old consoles such as the SNES, N64, and the Gamecube because my older siblings grew up in the 90's. We did have an NES, but that's a long story. I also play on the Xbox One and Wii U currently. I also love to play football too.

How I Got into Computers:

It all started when I watched Youtube. I played Minecraft on the Xbox 360 when I was 9, and I saw how much more PC had, such as servers and mods through these Youtubers. So, I was inspired to build a gaming PC. I knew nothing at the time about PC's, so I just kept dreaming for a few years. Then, I was 11, and I just knew that my favorite cousin, Max, knew tons of stuff about computers, so I went to him for help. He put together a build for me, and he sent me a link to PCPP. I knew nothing about PCPP then, but I thought it was cool knowing that it had tons of PC parts on there. Later, I decided to try to build my own gaming PC using all of the most popular parts on this magical website while knowing what barely anything was in a PC. That's when I grew out of Minecraft, and I wanted to play more real and legit games. So, I left that old build alone, and I started to research a lot about PC's, preferably gaming PC's. Then, I came back, and I knew how terrible it was. So everyday since then I've been fixing the build and researching.