Well, I'm an Aspiring Youtuber (Check out my Channel). I'm currently 17 years-old, and a Junior in Highschool. I am currently building computers for a multitude of needs for a living. Not really the most interesting description about me... But Check out my Youtube and take a look at my favorite build list down below!

My Fav Builds on this Site so Far (1/2/17)These builds are based off performance, looks, and / or water cooling / custom awesomeness. Newer builds that I have found will be at the very bottom.

Current Favorite Build!!

Mini-ITX Budget Build (SG13B-Q) Current Favorite Build

-Blackout Watercooling

-Most Beautiful Watercooled Build

-Ingenuity is Key

-Even Though It's Messy, Its Beautiful...Like An Old Car

-CaseLabs Builds Are Beautiful

-Master Vintage Build

-This Makes CaseLabs Bow Down To Corsair

-The Division

-Southern Persuasion

-Case Labs SMA8

-Alaskan Arctic

-Operation Carbon

-The Stig's Computer Cousin

-White Metropolis

-Caselabs SMA8

-Neptune 2.0

-Blue Lagoon

-Project Frost

-Red Dragon

-Project Frostbyte

-Tie Fighter

-The Mean Green Machine

-Frosty the PC

-LAN Schleppzock



-Foggy ITX

-Wanako Works 07S

-Rainbow White