Hi My Name is Rodney Im new to building, I have always found it Fascinating yet some what scary. I have been in Healthcare for over 20 years Military and now civilian. I love computers and want to learn them inside and out been so busy I never had the time before. I am really into movies, Games, FPS, Simulators, huge Star Trek fan, I must play Star Trek Online (thats why Im build ing my Rig), Star wars, Vampires Werewolves, True Blood, comic books, SciFi, Tech of any kind, cars, motorcycles, history, horror movies, digital art, photography, music use to hate country but now its growing on me lol. I guess every thing i use to run from im circling back to conquer. I guess I could describe it as a voulentary expansion of my knoweledge base with out being threatened with time constraints or external forces we experience in school all our lives lol. Im easy going just wanna meet friends that like to play games and help me get smarter with similar hobbies. Hopefully I will be able to one day be good enough to help someone build their dream machine. Cant wait to see and hear mine boot for the first time perfectly no errors. Thanks guys and gals.