Musician and Programmer by hobby and IT Professional by day. I've always built my own PCs and also build systems at work - but really going all out on your home machine and spending time researching is a lot more rewarding.

As I have a sound treated recording studio in my basement with various audio kit - the noise from a PC and its ability to not hiccup while recording/playback has always been one of my main concerns. In my most recent build 2017 the computer/vst software has really started to make the outboard gear that I used to use obsolete - and where as I used to fret about cable hum from outboard effects processors, the number of channels I can use and the processor speed - I now ignore all of that because hex core, and SSD disks, USB audio interfaces have pretty much made those worries obsolete.

I'm a big fan of Windows 10 - but have also been a regular Ubuntu and Apple user.