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Nov. 4, 2018, 9:15 p.m.

About bucketofcrud12

before you read, consider doing my PC color scheme poll: https://doodle.com/poll/tfyfzcn3qsxmsirh
its 2019, so I decided to update my profile to reflect new things. I am a college student as well as the ever-dreaded landlord. I own a house in Klamath falls oregon in which I rent out rooms to fellow college students not wanting to pay a premium to live on-campus. if you are in the klamath falls area, feel free to hit me up on discord: hellfire999#3486
I am (you guessed it!) a complete computer geek. I love computers and have from a young age. I am about to build my "third" (third that I post to this forum; I've made wayyy more than 3 in my life) rig, which aims to be a semi-budget gaming-editing-recording rig. I am definitely not made of money, so my purchases usually take place over time. while I enjoy new hardware, I am not one to be an early adopter most of the time. in fact, I greatly appreciate the used market for the awesome deals. it may surprise you to hear that I buy used about the same amount as I buy new. often times, used works just as well as new at a fraction of the cost. the only downside most of the time is the lack of a warranty. still, I have only had one instance where I bought a used component that did not work (an EVGA G2 1000 watt PSU; which I promptly replaced with a new one from outletpc!). To date, I have bought only one GPU new (and this was years ago!) a GT 620. It wasn't even for gaming, it was just for basic display. Motherboards, I tend to buy new, as those hold basically every other component. CPU's are a toss-up.
I am a gamer, though not a hardcore one. I definitely used to game a lot more than I do now. I very much like hardware more than gaming at this point. though when I do game, I like to see excellent performance. I play the following games on PC:
Battlefield 4, 1, & V
Rainbow Six Siege
Portal 2

as you can see, I generally stick to shooters, as I get the most enjoyment out of them. one of the perks of where I live is gigabit internet. not only has this been my favorite part of my home in klamath falls, its relatively necessary when sharing a house with 5 other people.
My upcoming build for this year is something I am calling Project Spartan. some of you may have guessed that this is a Halo-themed build (rather ironic, considering how few halo games have made it onto PC).
It is (at least in theory) going to be halo-themed with some custom paintjob work done, and I am trying to make this a wall-mount PC. so far, this project is about 10% complete. I have some parts that I will be using, but still have some planning to do and other things to get. this build is going to be rather complex, and may end up taking longer than I expected at first. I can say this: I settled on a motherboard and CPU. many might scoff at my picks, but I did not make the decision without a lot of research first. I picked an Asus X99-E motherboard to be used in conjunction with an intel core i7-5960X (8 core, 16 thread) CPU. now, I've already been told I should have just bought a Ryzen 7 2700X. it'd be a better value right? that depends. I picked up the motherboard and CPU for a total of $420, or about the same as you can get for a new 2700X and mobo. so why did I choose these parts? simple. The best clocks you can reasonably achieve on ryzen are about 4.2-4.3ghz. you really wont see much more than that. however, the 5960X can usually do 4.7-4.8ghz when properly cooled. the IPC of Zen+ is about the same as Haswell-E. thus, clock for clock, the two CPU's perform very closely. since the 5960X can go above the 2700X, I figured it'd be worth it used (i got it for $300, whereas a new 2700X is $309.99 at the time of writing). a few people have reported 5ghz on water cooling for the 5960X, which is quite comparable to a 9900K @ 4.5ghz. overall, I'd have to say its pretty cool, not to mention that you get 40 PCIe lanes instead of the usual mainstream 16 and you also get quad-channel memory support with 8 dimms, instead of dual channel and 4 dimms.
Anyway, That is the jist of my upcoming project. hate it or not, that is what I chose to do for a fun build.
If you have questions, again, hit me up at hellfire999#3486 on discord. if you are really interested, you can join my growing discord server at https://discord.gg/zVfHGG8
Also, check out my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcw8kqvOYkXFCwyVKIIj_Ew?view_as=subscriber