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Sept. 7, 2015, 7 p.m.

About chadlockholmes

Hmm.... yea, I don't know what to put here. I guess what I should put here is that I'm here to help? I just a few things to say first okay :)

Don't get pissy at me if you don't like my facts okay buddy? Only come to for help if you need it. If a quick google search can solve your problem then i'm not helping you, stop being lazy. Give me all the info you have on your problem or whatever because I hate asking obvious questions when you should have just given me the information first. Don't talk to me about politics or anything related to it because i doubt you'll agree with my positions (Especially Americans) I'm here to help you with Pc parts okay? Not be your "friend" So i'm not really going to respond to the many "hey, how's -----" crap because it doesn't pertain to what this site is about okay? ( Some people I will but the majority I won't) Please for the love of god do your research before coming to me okay? I'm not going to help you with an "Intel Vs AMD" build or crap like that. You may have been referred to me from someone and that's cool but please don't expect the same excellent service I gave them okay? Everyone's different and I treat you accordingly. (With respect of course)