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Nov. 7, 2013, 7:53 a.m.

About hbergberg

A healthy 22 year old woman, trying her best.

I'm into video games and I'm always looking to improve my current gaming rig given that I have money.

Update: I submitted a completed build of my gaming rig! Here it is

I am also building a computer for my friend and she just ordered all of the parts so they should be here soon as well! The 660 that I previously had in my case will be bequeathed unto her. I decided to do this because this card would serve her need for a video card, and it would be free which helps her budget. I don't mind giving her the card because one of my friends very generously gave it to me so I'm paying it forward. Plus I feel like it's less wasteful to reuse cards and parts that still work. Anyway- I'm excited about being able to build another computer from the ground up! I'll post pictures of that build as well.

Otherwise, I might purchase some custom sleeved cables in order to go for the black and white color scheme I'm looking for. I'm planning on getting the phanteks ones since they are cost effective and well reviewed. I've decided against updating my mobo for quite a while because it seems like the one I bought is going to hold up to a good many years of wear and it has a lot of features that I have yet to use it seems. I realize also that my gpu might seem overkill with my 1080p monitor, but it looks fine to me right now and I have no need for a new monitor. I expect that the 1070 will last me a good while so perhaps if I am itching for a new monitor a few years down the line I'll get a nice new monitor that has a higher refresh rate and resolution, and heck, maybe even a larger screen size.

I'm thinking of getting some noctua fans with static pressure for front intake and I'm also thinking about getting a SSD to move windows to to speed up boot time. Not that windows takes that long to boot, but just for kicks; it seems like it's a good move, plus it'd free up more disk space for more games on my main hard drive >:)