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Oct. 30, 2014, 6:06 a.m.

About jooprzol

First PC Build (Circa 1997):

  • Generic $30 AT style case (w/slideout motherboard tray. Fancy!)
  • Cyrix 686 PR200 (166MHz)
  • Trident Video Card
  • 32MB RAM
  • Amazingly, the motherboard used for this build had an AMI BIOS with a mouse driven user interface! I wouldn't see that in a home build again until 2014.
  • Given to friends in need of a PC

Second PC Build (Circa 1998):

  • Generic $30 ATX case
  • Diamond Micronics C200 Motherboard
    • First ATX build. It was amazing to see the OS shut down the whole PC!
  • AMD K6-2 350 MHz
  • Diamond Stealth II S220 video card
  • Diamond Monster Sound MX400 Sound card
    • Not actually sure when I got this one, as it seems to have come out late 99, early 2000. All I know is I used one for a while.
  • Logitech Wingman Gaming Mouse

Third PC Build (Circa 2000-2001):

  • Same generic case from second build
  • MSI Motherboard (I think. Had all sorts of POST issues with this one)
  • AMD Athlon 800MHz
  • ATI 32MB Radeon Video Card
  • Sound Blaster Live! sound card
    • the OS saw this card as a graphics adapter, so only the included driver on the CD ever worked, so this got switched out later with a:
  • Hercules GameSurround Fortissimo II Sound Card
  • Altec Lansing ACS33 speakers

Fourth PC Build (Circa 2004-2005):

  • Antec SX830 case
  • MSI Motherboard
  • AMD Athlon XP 2200MHz
  • ATI Radeon 9600 XT 128MB Video Card
  • Logitech MX1000 (still in use on work PC)
  • Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Gamer Sound Card
  • Ended up giving this guy away, and using a PC my brother had built in the meantime. The friend I gave it to ended up upgrading it and then giving it back later, in the form of:

Fifth PC Build (Circa 2007-2008):

  • Antec SX830 case
    • Came back missing the feet, so as to not cause any damage to the hardwoods, it was retired shortly after.
  • Asus M2n-SLI Deluxe Motherboard
  • AMD Athlon x64 4200
  • GeForce 7600GT 256 MB Video Card
  • 1GB RAM
  • Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Gamer Sound Card
  • Logitech X-530 Speakers

Sixth PC Upgrade Build (Circa 2010-11):

  • Antec SX1030b case
    • Awesome case that has outlived several others due to its size and smart layout. Originally purchased by my brother at the same time i bought the SX830. CompUSA, you are missed.
  • Asus M2n-SLI Deluxe Motherboard
  • AMD Phenom 9850
  • HIS Radeon 5450
  • 6GB RAM

Seventh PC Build (2014-15):

  • Antec Three Hundred case
  • ASRock FM2A88X Extreme6+ Motherboard
  • AMD A8-5500
  • AMD R9 270X 2GB Video Card
  • 8GB RAM
  • Using onboard audio, and have been quite pleased this round.
  • 120GB OCZ Vector 150 series SSD
  • 500GB 2.5" SSHD for apps/games

    • Leftover drive after upgrading my Latitude E5440 to a 500GB SSD. Made the laptop so much more useable.
  • This build has lived on in the form of my file/HyperV/Plex server, which now includes:

  • ICY DOCK FatCage MB154SP-B Hot Swap SATA Cage

    • Currently has 1 1TB drive. It's waiting patiently for some company.
      • This is backed up to an external 1TB USB hard drive I carry with me.
  • Windows Server 2012 r2

  • Temporarily using a Dell Precision T3400 workstation along with the R9 270X and SSD while building:

Eighth PC Build:

  • Fractal Design Define R5
  • ThermalTake PS-TPD-0850MPCGUS-1 Power Supply

  • ASRock x370 Killer SLI/ac Motherboard

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