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Jan. 7, 2015, 11:10 p.m.

About mscomputingservices

I'm a sole trader working casually to build PCs for customers upon request, as well as performing IT support functions for customers with PC related problems.

I try to balance this casual role with my full-time work as a shift worker, which can be challenging but also a benefit for some customers who appreciate the varied hours available, especially after most competitors are shut out of normal business hours.

I've been involved in PC building, IT sales and IT support for about 10 years. Having built my first PC around 2000 my passion for PCs took off. I started off with helping out friends and family replace or upgrade components inside of their PCs until I started to get requests to build PCs for people as opposed to them buying mass produced systems off the shelf, often with very little choice of customisation.

The best part about working casually as an IT consultant is that the work doesn't feel like work, given that it is an enjoyable field to work in (most of the time, nothing worse than spending hours trolling through Windows logs, crash reports etc for the source of a memory leak).

I like to try and engage in forums and assist fellow PC users where possible. I also consider myself to be a bit of an Ubiquiti fanboy. Having used many UBNT products within my home and home office, as well as at customer premises, I really love the disruptive pricing, the straightforward operation and the customisation offered by such exciting products.