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Feb. 18, 2015, 7:26 p.m.

About rhali8

What's this? Who's there! YOU! HOW DARE YOU! LEAVE MY PROFILE ALO- oh, wait, you're just visiting. Sorry about that.

First off, I'd like to say a big, welcoming


About me:

I have been using PC Part Picker since 2012 (Over 4 years now), but officially made an account in 2015, but before I start talking about myself, I'd like to give a special thanks to the PCPP Staff and all of you folks who make this site special. Thanks guys!

I just turned 16 not too long ago, live in Australia, and have been studying IT at both school and home. I do a variety of computing subjects, like IPT, Graphics and Engineering, and enjoy them all. After school I wish to do a double degree at university in IT/Game Creation, or IT/Engineering. I like the topic of cars as well.

For anyone interested, my birthday is on the 16th of November :D

Main Site Users:

You might have seen me earlier before - maybe I made an awesome comment, made a great build guide, or posted something in the forums. I like to contribute a lot on this site and have spent hundreds of hours here. This site has a really great community, but there are a few people who you will see everywhere. These people are true PCPP - holics and are very friendly! Here they are:

- Note there are quite a few more, but I am listing the ones I know the best :D

There are also five main staff on this website. If you have any problems or questions, let them know!

My Gaming PC:

Not too long ago I built my amazing gaming PC. I rekt my bank account, got charged with murder, spent 3 years in Jail and then came back to find my amazing custom built PC. I saved up for around 3 years and managed to hit the $1400 sweet spot. Link is below:

-Hurricane - The Full $1400 Gaming Machine-

My Friends:

I am currently friends with a quite a few nice people on PCPP. They are:

  • Jipster69

  • Piemancoder

  • IwannaPC

  • GuyWhoCodes

  • S0nny_WarBucks58

  • Digah2750

  • Percivious_

  • Wobfish

  • PumpkinPc

  • Tiedyetophat

  • Minerz

  • GentlemanShark

  • Tiny_Voices

  • ThePacklemore

  • Vagabond139

  • RaspberryPiFan

  • tomtomj2

  • Xorex64

  • MacGoreth

  • PentiumPursuit

  • Legonate416

  • Randomperson51/Imapie4688

  • Spycrab

  • Matthewtina2015

  • JAShadic

  • Kokonip

My Fridge:

Yes, I do have a fridge that uses my computer when I'm not home to use PCPP.

How it feels to be banned for 5 minutes:

Useful links:

There are quite a few good links on PCPP that will either give you laughs, make you wow, or give you useful information. I've listed the best ones below:

Rhali8's Special Builds:

This is something new! I've decided to make my own list of hand picked PCPP builds that I love. Check them out!

  1. 001 - By Lamarlangston - Added 18/03/2016
  2. Red & Black Phanteks Evolv Skylake Build - By JamesCoil - Added 24/03/16
  3. Tanjunna - By Eltech - Added 23/05/16
  4. The addiction is real...Hyperlight 2.0 - By xlegendof - Added 03/07/16

Wow, you made it to the end! Thanks for reading! PM me if you have any questions! Enjoy! :D