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June 6, 2014, 2:06 a.m.

About rivan1126


Xbox One & PS4 launched with their amazing new games, graphics, etc. I have an old PS3 which is one of those big bricks, got it when it first came out. Just got my little cousin a PS3 as they were cheaper then the 4's and it looked much nicer, was faster and had more space than my brick which I need to delete games every-time I get a new one. So now there is the question of if I should get one now or wait a couple of months, either for the holiday sale on November, or another year for them to really upgrade, or even 4 more years? At the house I have a Super-Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Game-Cube, PlayStation 1, Xbox, PlayStation 3. If I get a PS4 or Xbox One, then I will not be able to play my old games and have a bunch of systems and wires all trying to connect to one T.V. So I decided to go to the local Best Buy to check both of them out and see how the matched up. Loved Titan Fall, Rome, and Forza on Xbox One. But is the $400.00+ price tag worth the buy? Or should I wait. While trying to figure all this out I somehow ended up at the PC Games section where there were a couple of games, not as many as the platforms, but they did have Titan Fall, Call of Duty, & Watch Dogs. Asked a associate there to help me out and understand how this games work, which she did and also referred me to Steam.

After check out steam I got addicted to this and was about to buy an game. But then I decided to see if my laptop qualified to run the game. After a test on "Can I Run It" it came back failed. Starting browsing the net again and found out the most tricked out desktops - 3 to 6 monitor configurations with minimum bezels, and unlimited amount of games.

The fact that I do not have to wish for Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, or any other platform to tell me when to buy, what to buy, and after that I am stuck with that and would have to buy again is a big relief!! I started looking through some computers and instead of a pre-build I preferred I make one myself.