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June 21, 2015, 1:32 p.m.

About shadowcrafter01

hello world!

i'm 16 years old (actually 15 but about to be 16 and i don't want to have to change this when i am :{P [<-- just typo-ed that and HEY it looks like a mustache!]) and i like computers, hence why i have this account...

i also like computer gaming, but only standard survival multiplayer minecraft, that's it, no minigames simpleplanes and portal are both great too, but nothing beats minecraft for me

i like to mess around with computer stuff, throw things together and see if they work, and lookie there, i've got a build to prove that statement, and it was featured! i'm in the featurers club now! (that doesn't exist don't go crazy)

i'm also a guy, just in case that's ever important or something

i have to mow lawns for money so i don't think i'll be building anything new for a while, so don't expect anything from me at least until the end of this year, not that i'm famous or something... i'm not, you probably couldn't care less if i wrote this at all...

whatever i don't care :P