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June 17, 2014, 11 a.m.

About someta

EDIT: Wow, that description hasn't changed in nearly three years, so it's time to UPDATE IT!

I'll put the old description at the bottom.

I've been building computers since 2014, so I'm less of a noob than brand-new builders, but more of a noob than, say, someone who was doing this ten years ago.

I don't really care what you call me. My name can be so-may-tay or so-meh-tah, I don't care. It's actually somaytay on Reddit, but I don't post often, and it's mostly Linux stuff.

If you want help with a build, feel free to message me.

I don't bite.

I've built a couple PCs, and designed (but was never able to build) many, many, more.

I also have a soft spot for GNU/Linux and FOSS/FLOSS (Free and Open Source Software)

I triple-boot two Linux distros (Antergos and Ubuntu) and Windows 8.1, so I might be able to help with your Linux build if you want...

Linux is a passion of mine. I try to use it as much as possible, and I've gotten good at either fixing stuff or brute-force Googling until I find the answer.

Also, I created a subreddit to embrace functional but bottlenecked computers. It's the place to be if you still love your old machine, bottlenecks and all! There's not much there so far, but that's why YOU are going to help me build it (right?)!



Building PCs since 2014....

Yeah, I know. I'm a noob.

The name is pronounced "SO-MAY-TAY," meaning "One who builds computers" in Nerdish, the universal language of Nerds.