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Nov. 3, 2014, 5:10 p.m.

About vagabond139

Its a WIP. It honestly may never get to where I want it to be so just deal with the grammatical errors:P

I am not very good at writing nor am I super creative so I'll just cut to the chase, if you ever want some help or advice feel free to message me. I'll get back to you as soon as possible which might mean immediately or the next few days and anything in between. If I haven't got back to in a few days just remessage me.

I also noticed I have forgot about some people when they PM/Reply, I don't do this on purpose. I am just often mutli tasking or busy with life. If you want to make sure I reply just ask me to comment on your thread since I am likely to keep that open in a new tab until I help where as with the PM's I just put them off until later and sometimes I forgot about them. Just reply/message me again again if its been like a week or so since if its been that long I likely forgot.

EDIT: If you want advice or help with a build,message me with something no matter how made it is since I noticed I honestly always do reply to them but not always to create a part list for me messages.
Also there is no such thing as too much detail/information about what you are doing or why you choose what you did since it will help me make it better.

About me

I am 21 years old. I am a male if you didn't figure that out. I'm a CS major. I love helping people out and I love to tinker with things and see how they work and push things to the limit. This is how I got into PC's in case you was wondering I am a pretty open minded person. Also I am a ISTP which does explain a lot about who I am. Yes English is my first language. I just make a lot of typos and don't proof read what I type which is why it seems like I have the writing skills of a 5 year old.

My Steam Wishlist in case anyone is feeling generous

List of people to avoid trading and buying from on r/hardswap

Cable management tips

PCPP Formatting Guide

Avoid PSU tier lists!!! Why you may ask? Here is why you should avoid the ones at Toms and the same goes for the PCMR one since it similar but much older and hasn't been updated in almost 3 years iirc. The LTT isn't as bad but you are using someone else thoughts of someone else thoughts on a PSU, information can easily get jumbled up. Just cut the middle main out and go to a professional review.

**Basics of trouble shooting a PC - really simple.

Make sure everything is plugged in all the way, double check. Remove all of the variables possible to your problem. If it is fine without all of the variables start reintroducing them one at a time to see what is causing your problem. If that fails post on the trouble shooting section.

Common terms used

PSU - Power Supply Warning: Technical terms.

CPU - Central processing unit

RAM - Random Access Memory

OS - Operating system

HDD- Hard Disk Drive

SSD- Solid State Drive

GPU/Video Card - Graphical Processing Unit

How to do a usb install of windows

Waterblock Configurator

How to get a accurate reading of Pre-Ryzen AMD cpu temperatures

What are VRM's/Power Phases

How to use SpeedFan

How bottlenecking works

Is a custom loop worth it

Why you shouldn't buy from G2A and other gray market places

List of graphical settings for games and what they do


Ram speed can make a difference during gaming

Ram and it effects in games


Basically everything you need to know about PSU's reviews

Ripple and it effects

Why effiency is largely pointless

General list of decent psu's


Popular PSU's to avoid for the most part unless budget and/or price of the unit dictates otherwise.

Corsair CX(The older ones without the white logo) series - Basically mediocre performance with they usually being overpriced.

Evga NexG aka G1/NexB aka B1Nex series - the NexG has not so good voltage regulation and is group regulated and has some build quality blunders. It is all around average which is not a bad thing but it is usually priced with units that are out of its leauge.
The NexB is based on a platform that has minimal information out on it, it is a totally blind purchased.

Evga B1 series - same as CX outside of the 450W one.

Evga W1 series- Same as the CX and B1 but they are usually the cheapest you ever want to go on a psu and are usually the cheapest psu that isn't a pile of junk.

The Evga 400 watt nothing - This review sums it up good - the main issue is it being rated at 25C which will give it a short life.

Site to compare odd things like a 2016 GPU to a 2008 GPU

Some good places to check for review of parts




You don't need a anti static wrist strap or have to be paranoid about static

You should always use real world benchmarks whenever possible.






The way you apply thermal paste really doesn't matter much.

Common myths and why they are wrong.

Seagate is unreliable. That is based on a fairly old study, used OEM drives so not your average consumer drives, and is in a enterprise environment. Current Blackblaze data suggest Seagate is right behind Hitachi for relativity.