I've been tinkering and messing with computers since the late 1980's. So I know a thing or three about them. I don't do this for a living, nor will I ever.

I've programmed them, built them, even soldered bits together to make them. Even tho the architecture changes on an almost daily basis now, older computers still have a spot in my heart, and believe it or not, are still functional!

I have used all manners of OS's for the PC-- Windows, Linux, and even OS/2 Warp (Google that one kiddies). Command-lines don't scare me. Neither does gcc+. I say bring it on.

But any bits I put up here will be for a purpose-built machine for my uses. Any computers I have before them will be utilized for the foreseeable future, just re-tasked for whatever is tickling my hobby bone that week.

Stay tuned for stuff I build out, and even stuff that I build here.